Solidarity is about giving something to someone, whether material or emotional, without expecting anything in return.

This is the premise under which ANDBUS SOLIDARI was born, to help others obtain material, instruments, clothes, medicines, etc. ... through an initiative born in 2022.

Always aware of the current environment and shortcomings, ANDBUS has wanted to take a step further by creating this space, where thanks to the collaboration of the users doing the satisfaction survey, this goal of solidarity will be achieved.


Using the QR code found on the buses and once the objective of the number of surveys carried out has been reached, ANDBUS SOLIDARI will deliver to the NGOs the aid set for each project that is launched.

Projects will have no lead time, meaning they will simply be completed when the number of surveys marked at the beginning of each action is reached.

On our website you will find a bookmark that will tell you at all times the status of surveys conducted by ANDBUS users.

Therefore, what we achieve with this initiative is that transport users are also part of the project, that they live it and collaborate with this simple action.

Throughout each season, ANDBUS SOLIDARI will be with an NGO to carry out a collaborative project that will provide them with what they need.


Solidarity never has a moment, it is always the moment. Therefore it is never too late to launch an initiative that we at ANDBUS are especially excited about and that we think will help fight for what we believe in, to contribute with our grain of sand to that world change.

From the management of ANDBUS, we thank you for your cooperation in helping us to carry out our idea, this way it will also be yours and together we will be able to do something important!

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